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Celestial Navigation Calculator in English

With this calculator, you will no longer need nautical almanac nor navigation tables (HO-249 or others ...) to make your calculations right up to 2100 (!). Only a sextant, and a watch or a stopwatch are required.

This calculator will be supplied ready for use, with all registered Astronomical Navigation programs and their detailed instructions and practical examples. Sun and star ephemerides are included in the machine until 2100. All sextant sighting tables are also included. The manual and the software are entirely in English. The use is particularly simple: the machine asks questions clearly, and gives the solution immediately, as if you had done the calculations by hand. A Line Of Position (LOP) can thus be calculated in less than two minutes, with no other knowledge than knowing how to make a sextant sight. In case of difficulties, you can contact us directly: we are the authors of these programs since 1997.

The calculator is delivered in its protective case of rigid plastic
17x22x5 cm

Technical data sheet:

Screen 8 lines of 21 characters
Memory Ram 24 KB
Programming "Basic Casio"
4 Batteries AAA (included)
Plastic case with sliding cover
Programs and instructions in English
Calculator dimensions: 185 x 90 x 24 mm
Calculator Weight: 250 g
Box dimensions: 220 x 170 x 50 mm
Weight box + calculator: 530 g

Note : if you live out of EEC, we will substract VAT, and the price you will pay will be 108.33 €uros (+shipment)

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